From the desk of bodrd of DIRECTORS

AKH is a one-stop source for overseas buyers to buy their high quality knit and woven garments from Bangladesh.

We started in 1997 when this business was very tough but yet our exports increased, and since then the export figure has gone up by 25 times. We exported about US$160 million in the last fiscal year 2012-13. We have figured out that, over several years yet to come, our export would continue to grow in the same way. With our export, we too are growing vertically and horizontally. To strengthen our entire undertakings with a desired impact of synergy, by now, we have successfully flourished in the areas like composite knitting including heavy knit i.e. fleece garments, accessories producing, clearing & forwarding as well as cargo carrying in our own covered vans. Ensuring product quality with no compromise, AKH maintains delivery deadlines with extreme professionalism.

Beyond business activities, however, AKH dedicates a portion of its margin for social welfare. It runs an educational institution, an old home and an orphanage. Every year, with the help of foreign surgeons, it organizes free plastic surgery and eye camps for the underprivileged people in the country.

Now, AKH is moving forward through the way where ethical practices, health & hygiene, safety, security, green environment are met with the appropriate meanings and for the whole satisfaction of entire value-chain world markets. With a sporting spirit, AKH pursues progress as a matter of unending self-actualization. Thanks to our valued customers trust on us, we have been enjoying a continuous yearly growth for long and so implementing expansions almost on a regular basis.

We believe a shared approach and always promise a better tomorrow.